Tuesday, February 22, 2011


100_2708This is another card using my extra pieces of patterned paper on my desk.  However the same doesn’t hold true for the embellishments.  Tonight everything is from CTMH.  And I just noticed that the ribbon is crooked.  Will have to fix that.  I used Pepperwood to stamp the bird from Live Inspired and I think that inkpad has just about served it’s usefulness.  The frame is from the Foundry collection and pearls are chocolate. 

We have lots of little birds like this at our backyard feeders and they eat us out of house and home.  There are three feeders where I can see them from my craft window.

This afternoon I went to town by myself as I had a lot of little piddly things I wanted to do without hubby saying “why do you need to go there etc.”.  I got them all done too.  One of the places I went was our local medical supply store to buy a boot that goes over a cast.  Now I don’t have a cast on my foot and I am not planning on getting one, but I have arthritis in my toes and sometimes they swell up and it is hard to get on shoes.  And the straps on most of my sandals come right across the toe. 

Then it was on to the car wash.  Our car was filthy from all the salt etc.  It is an automated one and for a long time I would never go through by myself but now I just pretend I am on a ride at Disney. 

Kathi, did you ever read Lad A Dog by Albert Payson Terhune when you were a kid?  He wrote several other stories about collies (several are now on Kindle)  and last night I read Bruce.  That was a big mistake when I was in bed because the story was sad (it did have a happy ending) but I was bawling like a baby and my sinuses were so full I had to get up and it was 3am before I went back to bed. 

Almost time for NCIS so I will chat later.

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Kathi C. said...

This card is so pretty. I love that little bird stamp.

The book you recommended sounds good. I need to start reading more again. Hopefully when things settle down - if ever. LOL.