Friday, December 31, 2010

A Sledding We Will Go


I had the worst time making this card.  I bought the stamp (Northwoods) at our local craft store after seeing a card made with it.  But I could not get anything to look right.  Wednesday I went back to the craft store and took a look at their card.  There’s was on stripped paper but I didn’t have any stripes that looked good.  So after getting out several sheets of paper the plaid (Paper Pizazz) hit the spot.  Down the side they had two big stars but I couldn’t get the stars to look right.  I took the mittens and cap from All Decked Out.  The sentiment is from Hero Arts.  Brad is from Hobby Lobby.  Ribbon from JoAnn’s.  The card is on dark brown paper.  I stamped the image with CTMH’s Cocoa and it is colored with PrismaColor Red.  Hat is stamped in Cranberry and mittens in Outdoor Denim.  When trying different color cardstock to put the card on again I kept coming up empty but I had a piece of brown cardstock already cut and folded and I just hadn’t put it away so I picked it up and the rest is history.  The sled is stamped on kraft paper from our local craft store and there is no name on it.  The rope handle is natural hemp from CTMH.

Today is a foggy icky drizzly day for winter in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  It is supposed to start freezing tomorrow night.  We will need a foot of snow to cover up all the ice.  It will be nice to have fresh snow, right now it is all brown and dirty. 

Picked up the new Spring/Summer CTMH catalog and I fell in love with the cover.  A baby girl scrapbook page all in pink and delightful saying: I am so glad to meet you! This most definitely love at first sight.  And I know the perfect baby girl to send it to.  I just need to call Leola and find out what size baby book Kambrie has. 

I am going to be spending what is left of 2010 cleaning.  Tomorrow I have to hit checkbooks big time and get bills paid.

Friday, December 17, 2010



Last year we received a store bought like this.  And I thought hey I can duplicate that almost.  I used the snowflake cuttlebug folder and on the boughten card it was flocked.  Otherwise the card is pretty much the same.  Cardstock is White and Juniper.  Wreath (Serendipity) is stamped in Aspen Green (retired).  I used the Cricut to cut the white square but did the rest by hand as my Circuit goes in 1/2 increments.  I did the ribbon in two stages.  First I put the hanger part and then made the bow and attached with glue dots.  I used red stickles for the berries on the wreath.

The first of my packages have arrived in Colorado.  Now this coming week just have to get packages wrapped for here.  I use a lot of bags.  And the ones for Sam and Samantha all get tagged “Sam”.  They have fun figuring out which package goes to whom.  And they usually get it right.

Yesterday PJ posted a 30 second video of him playing with Kambrie.  He would growl at her and she would try and growl back.  I am going to wear it out watching it. 

Went for a little snowshoe hike today.  Jim put a fence around the birdfeeder that is outside my craft room window as the deer have found it.  They have been tearing up our front yard also. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Band Practice


Leola and Kambrie made the paper.  Leola and PJ both play instruments in the community band.  They didn’t have a baby sitter the day of practice so along went Kambrie.  She loves music.  Mom plays the French horn and Dad is a drummer. 

The caption says: A potential future community band member listens while her mom, Leola Romero, and Joanna, Duane, Jack, Walter and Michael rehearse. 

Kambrie is three months old today and a very happy baby.


I went to town to today to have lunch with a friend, then I took some fudge to Sam and Samantha and checked out Wal-Mart.  Saw a friend there I hadn’t seen in awhile.  It was 5pm when I got home with three small grocery items.  Jim said “you were gone all day and only bought three things:?  I said “Yup and I had a good time”. 

Sam and Sam and their kitty are coming out Christmas eve, spending the night and enjoying Christmas with us.  It has been a long time since anyone has been here overnight on Christmas. 

I promised Leola I would have the fudge in the mail tomorrow.  Better get it made.

Friday, December 10, 2010



This card uses papers from the Heirloom paper packet.  The tag is white cardstock.  Stamp color is Ponderosa Pine.  I made the tag about 4 years ago.  The stamp set is Art Gone Wild.  They are cube stamps.  The ribbon is probably from JoAnn’s and the star is most likely from our local scrapbooking store. 

This has been a crazy week.  Sunday night through Wed. we had lake effect snow and ended with over a foot.  Jim blew out the driveway Monday and when he got all done the tractor died.  It is a small one that you can put a mower deck on in the summer.  We went to town and bought a new one and it was delivered today.  Jim decided to go with a walk behind one as there is less things to go wrong.  I has an electric start and power steering.  We are bracing for a major winter storm of up to 14 inches of snow starting tomorrow night and lasting all day Sunday and accompanied by 40 mile an hour winds. 

My craft room is such a mess I need to clean it before I go any further in my card making. 

I talked to Leola yesterday and Kambrie is now weighs 10 lb 8oz and is 23 inches long.  Tuesday she will be 3 months old.  I talked to her also but she wasn’t in a talkative mood.  LOL.  I always make fudge at Christmas and Leola asked if they were getting fudge.  I told her yes but she might not get it with her Christmas packages.  I hope to get them out on Monday.  And then I will make the fudge and send it. 

Better get busy and clean my craft room.  There a papers everywhere except on the ceiling.  LOL.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tis The Season


I just haven’t had any mojo lately but I think I finally have it together.  Card stock is CTMH’s Bamboo and Parchment.  Patterned paper is from DCWV from about 2 years ago.  Embellishments and ribbon are from JoAnn’s.  I used a wide plaid and a narrow gold ribbon.  The sentiment is from Inkadinkado.  I cut the ovals (3 “ and 4”) with my Cricut and the George & Basic Shapes since I am mass producing this card for folks at our church.  I rubbed the parchment oval in Cranberry ink.

Today I had an interesting thing happen.  In checking my e-mail there was one from my credit card company asking me if I had made a certain transaction.  I hadn’t made the transaction but before I responded to the e-mail I called the credit card company.  Because you are always hearing that they don’t contact you that way.  And I asked how they knew to question that transaction.  And she told me it was outside of my spending pattern.  I have an credit card and only use it for making purchases from Amazon for books.  I also used it for Shutterfly and she asked if had made that transaction. I thought that was pretty neat. 

Kambrie and I had our first phone conversation the other day.  Leola put her on speakerphone and I was chatting away and every once in awhile Kambrie would “say” something and I when I said “goodbye” it sounded just like she said goodbye.  Both Leola and I laughed. 

There was a lake effect snow warning for our county but so far we have escaped the snow but the Soo 20 miles north got dumped on and all their schools were closed.

Better go and get some dinner.

Friday, November 19, 2010

A Happy Card



Today was one of those really really gray November days.  In the middle of the afternoon it was so dark that you needed light in every room. 

I used paper from CTMH’s Olivia paper pack.  The frog is from Penny Black’s Toadily set.  Sentiment is Inkadinkado.  I stamped the frog and saying with Pear.  I colored the flower with PrismaColor Pencils.  The ribbon is CTMH.  The striped is from the Sunset Collection and the sheer is from Autumn Terracotta Ribbon Rounds.  Button is also from the Sunset Collection.  They are adhered with a glue dot.  Originally when I made the bow I was just going to have the width of the Colonial White, but I liked it long and thought it would be a waste of ribbon to cut it off.  I popped up the rectangle piece with foam tape.  I got the idea for this layout last Saturday when a friend and I went to some craft shows and a CTMH consultant had this layout.  Her ribbon was tied in a knot and she used a flower for the image.  She was selling the cards for $1 and I bought one for a guide.  I am going to put this card in a padded envelope and send it to Leola.

This has been quite a week.  Monday Jim and I got our yearly physicals.  After which we went to town and did our errands and had a chat with Sam.  The dr is 30 miles south and town is 20 miles north from our house.  Wednesday the dr.’s office called and said Jim needed a thyroid scan and set it up for next Monday and Tuesday.  That appointment is 75 miles south of here.  I figured I was doing okay and since they had said any thing about my test results.  Thursday they called and said I had bacteria in my urine and needed an antibiotic.  That solved the mystery as to why I was so tired but thought it odd that I didn’t have any other symptoms like fever or going to the bathroom all the time.  The arthritis in Jim’s hands have been getting really bad so the dr changed his medication and gave him a prescription for a pain pill to take occasionally.  And guess what that pill (Darvoset) was on the news tonight as not safe to take.  

I hope that I feel better tomorrow  as there are a couple of craft shows that I want to go to. 

Kathi, I should have gone to the ones you and your Mom and sister went to as I was looking for jewelry and didn’t find anything.  Only saw one jewelry vendor and it wasn’t what I was looking for. 

I have been reading the new Father Tim (from the Mitford series) series.  I have finished the first one, Home to Holly Springs and have started the second one,  In the Company of Others.  I never could get into the Mitford series but I couldn’t put down Home to Holly Springs.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010



Paper used for this card was from Passages.  Stamps were Inkadinkado.  All the emellishments are from CTMH.  I just love the new Mocha Pearls.   Turkey and saying were stamped in Pepperwood (retired).  I am going to be sad when my ink pad finally gives up the ghost. 

Today was another nice day.  It was a little more cloudy but still nice enough to go out and do some yard work.  I think I have finished cutting back my perennials.  We modified  my bird feeder outside my craft room window as it was too low.  We got a taller pole and Jim put a squirrel baffle on it.  The squirrels are fun to watch also I just don’t want them eating my bird seed out of the feeder. 

Talked to Leola today and got a Christmas wish list from her.  Kambrie is progressing well in every way.  She will  sit in the corner of the davenport and watch what is going on around her.  When PJ plays his drums Leola says her little legs go a mile an hour keeping time. 

Kathi, how is Miranda doing?  When is her due date?

Time to do a few things before supper.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Archiver’s and Michael’s

100_2681The deer on this card did not photograph well at all and I don’t feel like messing with it.  I spied this card at Archiver’s along with a sign that said if you bought $30 worth of merchandise you could get a free 7”x9” album from Shutterfly.  It wasn’t hard to spend $30.  This is an 81/2 X11 piece of cardstock cut in half lengthwise.  The materials are Bazzil Basics Herbal Garden,  Paper Garden Natural CS and My Minds Eye Holly Jolly.  The deer is a gold vinyl sticker from Stampendous.  The ribbon is from American Crafts. 

Trying to upload my pictures to Shutterfly is some undertaking.  I think there is a software glitch somewhere.  I thought I would put pics from our 6 trips to Colorado.  I have until the end of Nov to put them all in. 

Now on to Michael’s.  I bought a twelve inch Martha Stewart Cutter ( I had given my 12 inch swing arm cutter to Leola for her scrapbooking.  She is just starting to get into it doing pics of Kambrie and doesn’t have many supplies.) and a Martha Stewart Scoring cutter.  When I checked out the gal gave me a 40% off “coupon for my next visit.  I replied “ I wish I had known that before as we live 300 miles away.” Bless her little heart she said “Return one and buy it back at 40% off.” So that is what I did.

We have been having some nice weather.  Tomorrow I hope to get some leaves out of my back flower bed.  They were all out once then we had terrific winds and they all blew back. 

Yesterday I was sitting at my desk in my craft room looking out the window and lots of birds were flying around.  I found a bird feeder we hadn’t used in awhile and hung it on a pole that in the summer holds a hanging plant.  It didn’t take the birds long to find it.  So far I have chickadees, red breasted nuthatches, white breasted nuthatches, downy woodpeckers and hairy  woodpeckers.  

I feel a nap coming on and since I am fighting some kind of upper respiratory  bug I am going to go find my bed. 

Saturday, October 30, 2010


safe_trickRtreat_014 safe_trickRtreat_050 safe_trickRtreat_054 I love the smiles.  Talked to Leola this morning and Kambrie felt no ill effects from her shots.  While we were there she was already putting weight on her legs.  Her Daddy walked early, Mom about a year.  Sure would like to reach through cyberspace and give them a big hug. 

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Great Outdoors

I used the Passage Paper pack from CTMH for this card.  The image of the man hiking is from Inkadinkado.  The word Explore is from the Live Inspired set also from CTMH.  Moose button is from JoAnn’s.  Image is stamped in Cocoa and I used a cocoa ribbon for added accent.

The wind has finally quit blowing.  Tuesday and Wednesday we had steady gale force winds.  We had several trees go down in our woods but our neighbors had two big pine trees come down and one landed 100_2679on their house and went through the roof.   Jim helped get the tree down.  The insurance lady came out right away.  

Talked to Leola today and Kambrie had her first shots yesterday.  One must have hurt her pretty bad cause Leola said she screamed but with the other two just a little cry.  She is growing like a weed.  She weighs 9lbs 4oz and is 21 and 1/4 inches long.   Kambrie is going to be a ladybug for Halloween.  Leola found the cutest little outfit that can be used as a sleeper when Halloween is over. 

Time to go find something for dinner.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

We Are Home

After driving 3,385  miles we are home.  Yesterday (Saturday) we drove 340 miles from Oshkosh to here in the rain.  Sometimes it rained hard and sometimes it seemed like it was letting up.  Today we have more of the same. 

Kambrie was a delight.  We got to babysit twice.  Once Leola and PJ went to community band practice (Leola plays french horn and PJ the drums) and once when they went grocery shopping.  Kambrie is a good baby.  In the first pic she just had her diaper changed and is stretching.  He little onesie says Grandma’s little pumpkin and I got some fabric paint and wrote Great above it. Second pic she is all dressed for her dedication at church.  Third pic needs no explanation.  This is what I love to do.  I am pooped think I will go take a nap.  There will be more pics later.



Friday, October 22, 2010

Almost Home

We are in Oshkosh Wi and should be home tomorrow (Sat night) but first we have to go past Archivers and Michaels and all kinds of good shops at Fox River Mall.  Today we stopped in Burr Oak Iowa and toured the hotel that Ma and Pa Ingalls ran for a year.  From the tv show one gets the idea that everything happened in Walnut Grove.  Because I am a distant cousin of Laura Ingalls I got to sign a special book.  The door on the left were for men to enter the smoking room.  Door on the right was for ladies.  Everything was so very small.  Guests paid a quarter to sleep three to a bed and there were no doors on the rooms. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

On The Road

These blue berries are on an Eastern Red Cedar tree.  They are not blueberries but seeds of the Red Cedar Tree.  We stopped at the Nebraska Nature and Welcome Center near Aida, Nebraska.  There was a nice little trail going down to the Platte River.  Tonight we are in Oakley Kansas.  Tomorrow we will reach our destination and see and hold our precious great granddaughter for the first time.  Watch out for a bunch of baby pics. 

Kathi, eversince you posted that card titled Inspired by I have been mulling over in mind of making a Christmas with that same idea.  I have the background script and I think I have a couple of Christmas stamps that will work. 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall Beauty


I was standing at the corner of our driveway and road when I took this picture this afternoon.  It looks like we live in the middle of the wilderness but there are houses all along this road. 

The last couple of days have been absolutely gorgeous with temps in the 60’s.  Some of the leaves have fallen and I just love walking in the rustling leaves.   A week ago I got a big order from CTMH and I the only thing I have had a chance to do is put my new stamp pads in the organizer.  Boy I really like it.  Now I need to work on getting  more of the new style pads.  The old ones don’t fit so good. 

We got a package of free light bulbs today.  Our electric company was bought out by a local co-op which is a good thing because our electric company was owned by a company in Wisconsin.  Anyway our new company puts out a little magazine every month and there was an offer for free light bulbs.  They are the squiggly kind and three of them are extra bright so I have one of the bright ones in my craft room.  When I was a kid my Mother would take our old bulbs to a Detroit Edison office and exchange them for new ones.  After Jim and I got married and were living in ND I tried to do that and was shocked that not every electric company did that and they thought I was nuts for even thinking such a thing and now over 50 years later they are doing it. 

Think I will go outside and enjoy what is left of this beautiful day.





Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bountiful Harvest


Stamp is Penny Black, CS is Garden Green, Chocolate and Bamboo.  It is colored with chalks.  I tried this stamp two other times with chalk pencils (too heavy) and cream chalks (way to light).  The image is stamped with Versa Mark.  Embellishments are CTMH Chocolate Collection.  I distressed around the edges of the Bamboo with Chocolate.

I had every intention of posting last night after I watched Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy with Jim.  I was going to use that time to work on blanket I’m cross stitching for Kambrie.  I think I got one row done and the next thing I knew it was 8:45pm.  I crawled out of my chair, got my jammies on and went to bed.  And then I was up way to many times going to the bathroom.

Today was another delightful day spent doing some outside work.  The leaves are beautiful but not quite at peak.  And they are falling like mad.  Yesterday as I was putting some of my yard stuff away I noticed there was a hole in the roof of the storage shed.  Jim went out and looked and discovered a big limb had come down on it during a big wind we had the other day.  He repaired it today. 

I was talking to Leola the other day and Kambrie was making noises.  That was pretty neat. 

Time to go get some supper.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This card makes me laugh.  I wanted to do a card with the bat and hat to tell you a story but didn’t want a traditional Halloween card.  Stamp images are from Inkadinka Doo. I put Diamond Stickles on the hat and bat and Orange Stickles on the pumpkin.  Pieces are mounted on Autumn Terracotta Textured paper.  Card base is New England Ivy Textured paper.  The print paper is BoBunny Mango Luau Dude.  100_2675 The ribbon brad is purple with green brad.  Checked ribbon is a scrap that I had.  Felt flower is from Prima.  And I used a Bitty Sparkle from CTMH.  Stripped paper in the corner is the opposite side of the flower paper and I put a purple button on it.  And I use my piercer   around the edges of the flowers.  I also used an orange brad and black and orange sparkles.

Now for the stories.  When Sam about  6 or 7 he asked me if I was going to dress up for Halloween and replied no.  He said he wanted me to dress up like a witch.  I thought that was rather odd and asked him why.  And he told me he like the pointy hats.  So I dressed up. 

This summer about day break Jim got up to use the bathroom and I saw a shadow of something flying.  When he came back to bed I said “There is something flying around in here”.  He turned on the light and checked all four corners but saw nothing.  I pulled the covers over my head and went back to sleep.  That evening as I was shutting the living room drapes guess what came flying out.  You got it a bat.  Sam got one of our fishing nets from our ponds and captured it and spent a while looking it. 

Talked to Leola and she and Kambrie are doing fine.  Said the baby is a natural at nursing. 

Jim gets an A+ for today.  He went golfing in the morning and then was going to town to do some errands and asked if I needed anything.  I needed one skein of floss from JoAnn’s.  Gave him the number and told him the color and he came home with the right one. 

Time to go get some dinner.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Ready To Take On The World

This is Kambrie at four days old.  In this photo I can see Leola.  She is being held by PJ’s father.  They live in New Mexico only four hours away and we are four days away. 

Today I am counting my blessings even more.  Talked to Leola and she told me that PJ had picked up his grandparents and brought them to the hospital to see the baby.  On his way to take them back home  their car was rear ended and totaled.  But praise God that no one was hurt.

I am working on a couple of cards but don’t have the finished cause it was too nice out today and I spent some time getting the yard ready for winter.  And then I just sat in our backyard swing and watched the birds.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Baby Pics

Just got these photos on Facebook.  Can  you tell I am a very excited  Great-Grandma!  These brought happy tears to my eyes.  Now I have to get busy and finish the cross stitching on a blanket I am doing for her.  Wish I could just reach through cyberspace and cuddle her.  I called all my friends and told them to check out my Facebook page.  And I’ll have to print them out for my brag book.  LOL

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

She Is Here!


Kambrie Rose Romero was born this morning at 4:30 am.  She weighs 6lb13oz and is 18 inches long and has dark hair.  As far as I know Mom, Baby and Dad are fine.  Leola called me at 8am which is 6am their time.  She had been in labor all night.  PJ was watching them clean up the baby.  We will be out there in a month.  I am so excited. 

This is the card I made to send to the happy parents.  It is one of the new clear cards from CTMH.  Yesterday I had a gathering at my house and our consultant said you could put the clear cards through the Cuttlebug, so we had to try it.  We used the folder Stylized Flowers.  At first I thought I would make it into a wedding card but when Leola called this morning with the good news I knew I was making a baby card.  I looked through all my baby patterned paper and nothing worked.  Then I got out my flowered vellum and this one hit the spot.  When I looked to see what the name was I knew I had the right paper.  It is called Wild Rose and is by K and Company.  I have probably had the paper for a couple of years.  Then I backed it with Hollyhock CS.  I used my Cuttlebug w/Nestabilities to cut out the circle for rose paper as I wanted to make sure I got the flowers ( a couple of rosebuds) to show.  I used my Cricut to cut out two 4 1/2 circles of Hollyhock.  The ribbon is CTMH Ribbon Rounds Summer Celebration Organdy. 

Still having a cool, windy and sometimes rainy September.  Yesterday Jim and I went for our mile walk.  When we first started it was cold and windy  and a few raindrops but about 3/4ths of the way the sun came out and it was hot and I had to take off my sweatshirt.  Tomorrow is supposed to be nice and Thursday nasty.  Jim needs to re-roof our basement entry way so he is hoping a couple of good days in a row. 

Time to get some dinner going.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Hole In One?

100_2671 I got the  idea for this card from a flyer in Michael’s.  They used two stamps from the Stampendous line of stamps.  One is called Little Golf (C195) and the other is Changito Golfer (D170).  Michael’s didn’t have the stamps and a search on Stampendous’ website came up empty so either it is a brand new stamp or a discontinued one.  I used the golfer from a retired CTMH golf set.  The round green is part of a stamp from Northwoods Stamp Co.  And I used a golf ball brad.  Paper is from the Passages paper pack.  Ribbon is chocolate from CTMH.

The weather is less than desirable, looks more like the end of fall rather than the beginning.  We have been having rain and lots of wind.  At least it isn’t cold. 

Still no baby.  Talked to Leola a little while ago and she was on her way to the dr.  Her due date was always Sept 5 ( our 51st anniversary) but then a couple of weeks ago the dr changed it to Sept 13 and the next week proceeded to tell her she would probably come in a week.  She sounded good and said she would call after she got home. 

Sunday we went to Traverse City for our anniversary dinner.  We met my cousins there and had a good time at Red Lobster.  They are headed back to Phoenix next Sunday.  They have a summer cottage near Traverse City. 

All three Sams are loving their new apartment.  All are working two jobs. 

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Last Days of Summer


When I moved my craft room upstairs I threw out a box of scrap papers that I hadn’t used in over a year and put half finished cards in it.  My vow is to use up all the half finished products before making a new card.  The fish stamps are from Northwoods Rubber Stamp, the canoeist is The Stamp Pad Co.  The large scene stamp is a set of clear stamps with several stamps and I don’t remember the name.  The sign is a brad from Outlet Brads and says Gone Fishing.  I took the brad part off and used foam tape to adhere it to the card.  I had the three fish on the card so had to come up with a scene to go with it.  100_2668

The last couple of days have been very hot.  Yesterday we tied a record set in 1973 of 88 degrees.  Today it wasn’t quite that warm but it was more humid.  Tomorrow it is supposed to be in the 70’s with thunderstorms.  Our county fair is going on this week so we could use some nice weather.

Everytime the phone rings I think it is going to be PJ telling me that Kambrie has been born.  Last Monday when Leola went to the dr she was told she’d probably be born within the week.  Kambrie just wants to be  born in Sept.  Leola and I are holding out for Sept 5 (our 51st wedding anniversary).  Just had an e-mail from Leola and she was feeling just fine. 

I’m really liking my new crafting room and some things I like just where they are and some things I am still tweaking.  I need to go clean up my desk.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Made It Myself

I saw this card in Stamp It Cards 2008.  The colors are CloverMeadow, Autumn TerraCotta and Chocolate.  Stamp set is Treasures.  Ribbon is Autumn TerraCotta Ribbon Rounds.  And then Dew Drops.  Now for the part I made myself.  The card had a scalloped chipboard.  I had a round chipboard but not scalloped.  At first I tried using a scallop punch but the circle punch I had was too big and didn’t get enough lip.  Then I thought of my Nestabilites and that worked great.  I was able to line up the plain circle and scallop one at the same time. 

Last week we had on the air today we  had on the heat for awhile.  It has been cold and windy but good days to get things done in the house. 

We made out fine at the dermatologist and dentist but the orthopedic surgeon was a different story.  I thought I had a stress fracture but he said I had a Morton’s Neuroma, which is a nerve at the base of my third toe and it gets enlarged.  Very painful.  Got a cortisone shot.  Then he suggested I get some Birkenstock shoes. Only had a few here in town and I really didn’t like the style.  Friday we are going to visit my cousins near Traverse City and there are three shoe stores on the way so maybe I’ll find something if not I’ll order it off the internet.  Then I told him I occasionally had pain in the palm of my hand.  Well I have the beginnings of carpal tunnel.  Oh Joy!

Am still working and rearranging things in my new craft room.  The entertainment center is still there and today I removed Jim’s video’s from two shelves.  I cleaned out a storage cupboard for him down in his man cave. 

Almost bedtime.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Sam

Got my inspiration for this card from an old copy of CardMakers.  CS colors are Brown Bag, Chocolate and Colonial White.  Ink colors are Pepperwood and New England Ivy.  I am going to be sorry when my Pepperwood ink pad dries up as I use it all the time.  I ordered the moose stamp from an on line company that sold inspirational sayings and there is no name on the stamp.  The trees are from CTMH.  It is one tree that I stamped over and over.  The nature rock is an embellishment I got from our local craft store in a goody bag. 

Sunday will be Sam’s 24th birthday.  We have plans to go out for dinner but don’t know when yet.  Samantha has to work on Sunday.  Sam does too but he gets off at 1.  Ever since he  has been 3 years old he has gotten a Lego Set and a quarter for every year old he is.  The other day I asked him if he was too old for the usual and he replied “Grandma it wouldn’t my birthday if I didn’t get Lego’s.  So this Grandma will buy a set of Lego's.  He has all the Lego’s his Dad had when he was a kid.   He was out yesterday and saw that I had taken down the wildlife poster on the door to his room.  I told him it was my room now and he said “That poster brings back a lot of happy memories”.  I asked him if he wanted it and he said “No”.  I could tell that he didn’t want it thrown in the trash so I told him I would put it in his keepsake box in the basement. And he was pleased with that.   I have two big Rubbermaid containers that I put stuff in for Sam and Leola.  I said to him that the label maker sign that says Sam’s and Granpa’s Room will stay on the door. 

Today we went to the dermatologist.  Jim got zapped a couple of times and I got zapped once.  I wore athletic shoes and I thought the toe box had enough room and I could wiggle my toes.  But when I got there my foot was swollen.  It could be because I didn’t ice it all yesterday.  We got home at 5 and I already  have iced it 3 times.  I read on the internet if you have a stress fracture that you need to ice it every hour for 20 minutes a time.  And I now have on a good pair of sandals. 

Picked up the new CTMH catalog today from our consultant.  Boy do I ever like the new summer colors and the fall paper pack.  I think the name is Olivia. 

I didn’t intend to write a novel but now you know all about me.  LOL

It is time to take the ice off my foot and get something done. 

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Penny Black Sticker Card



I know my title is pretty lame but I couldn’t think of any other.  It is on CTMH Sorbet.  I used Lime Green Stickles on the veins and stems and yellow stickle on the center of the big flower.  The ribbon is from my stash most likely from JoAnn’s or Wal-Mart.  The happy birthday is a gold sticker that comes in a 5x9 sheet with other words like Happy Anniversary, Congratulations, Good Luck etc.  Have no idea who made it as there isn’t any name and I bought it several years ago. 

Sam and Sam got all moved into their apt. and are enjoying it.  I am enjoying my new crafting room upstairs.  Except for the dark green walls and out door wallpaper border you would never know this room had been a young man’s room for the last 6 years.  I had thought about painting but that would have delayed my moving into the room.  I did do some touch up painting today. I look a window into our backyard.  I have everything how I want it but as I use things might do some changing.  Jim is enjoying his new tv watching area in the basement.  He calls it his” man cave”. 

Next week is jammed with appointments everyday but Monday.  And two of the entail a trip across the Mackinac Bridge.  Tuesday we go to the dermatologist.  Our appt was for the end of September but they last week and asked if we could come Tuesday as the doctor will not be available in Sept.  Wednesday we go to the dentist for teeth cleaning.  Thursday is a  sentencing hearing for one of the guys that stole a bunch of copper pipe from a vacant building across the road.  It has been postponed twice.  And on Friday I go to visit my orthopaedic surgeon and his office is 2 1/2 hours south of here.  In Feb I hurt my foot snowshoeing and went to my regular dr.  He didn’t see any thing and neither did the radiologist and it got better.  In April my foot was bothering me so I went back to my regular dr and he said I had an inflamed  tendon and with rest and ice that got better.  Then we went to a pro ball game with my cousins and I didn’t see a step and wrenched the same foot.  I iced it and rested and a week or so ago I started walking around the driveway.  After several days when nothing hurt I decided to walk a mile and did that for two days and on the third day I could hardly walk.  So now I am going to see the expert.  I looked up my symptoms on the internet and according the information I found there I have a stress fracture.  So we will see.  I am not losing any sleep over it.  LOL

Kathi, you were right on the two girl Sam’s are Samantha but they go by Sam. 

Friday, July 30, 2010

On The Move


The weather here in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has been just great so I have been outside and not doing much stamping.  This card uses the Passages Paper Pack from CTMH.  I cut the stripe paper into a one inch wide strip then I used trial and error to miter the corners.  The stamp is from Stampin’ Up.  I embossed the train in Woven Tapestry from PSX and I just found out the company is no longer in business.    I tore the edges of the Colonial White cardstock and used Walnut distressing ink on the edges.

Sunday is moving day here.  Sam  has lived with us since he was a Senior in high school.  And now he has decided it is time to move on.  He will be sharing an apartment in town with his fiancĂ©e and another girl.  All three of them are named Sam.  The minute he is out and I have vacuumed the carpet I am moving my card making stuff to his room.  In a way it is going to be kinda sad as he has had that room for the past 21 years and would come and spend a few days at time with us starting when he was three.  There is still a sign on the door that says Sam and Gramp’s Room.  When Sam wasn’t here Jim used it as a TV room.  After I get all my stuff upstairs, what was my area in the basement will become Jim’s tv room.  Right now he hunches over on a computer chair with earphones plugged in so he can hear the tv.  He is getting a new tv.  Better get to some housekeeping duties.

Thursday, July 15, 2010



Every summer I put a few water hyacinths in my water gardens and ponds.  This is the first year they bloomed.  I took this one out of the water garden and put it in a clay saucer to take the picture. 

We didn’t get any of the bad storms that were predicted and not even enough rain to cover the bottom of our rain gauge. 

Tomorrow we are going to Traverse City and meet my cousins at the ball game.  It is professional ball, but not major or minor league. Then we are going to their cottage on Crystal Lake for a weekend of swimming and tubing. 

After I cleaned up my mess in my area I sat down to make a card but couldn’t get anything to come together. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fun in the Sun


My camera battery was on it’s last leg when I took this photo.  It is now charging.  The images are on white cardstock.  The background for each image is Summer Cloud Blue from CTMH.  The stamps are from various companies and colored with markers. 

Today was a nice hot summer day.  I watered my hanging plants early this morning.  This afternoon when the shade got in the front yard I went out and did some weeding.  Then I bribed Jim to take me out to dinner.  The lawn needed mowing so I said I would mow if he would take me out to dinner.  He usually mows but his gout has been bothering him (not enough to take medicine).  We went out for fish at Wilcox’s Fish house.  The only thing on the menu except for chicken fingers is fish; walleye, perch, herring etc.  We each got the 1/2 pound of perch.  It is a small family run operation. 

Tonight we are supposed to get some severe thunderstorms so I brought my hanging plants under the eaves.  The perennials will most likely get beat down but I can stake them up afterwards.   And it is supposed to be rainy all day tomorrow. 

My card area is a disaster and I only made one card today.

The saga of Me Vs. the Census Taker is over.  He came the other day and I was home alone.  I saw a strange car drive in  so I quickly shut and locked the front door.  He knocked and when I didn’t answer he went around to the back.  He went to his car and was probably noting that no one was home when Jim came home from golfing.  Rats.  We gave them our name, age etc.  When he wanted to know how much Jim got from his Air Force pension and Social Security I told him it was none of his business.  Jim said he didn’t know because the check was automatically deposited.  Some of the questions were how much did we pay in property taxes and how much were our utilities.  We just said we didn’t know.  He can go to the county or township and find out the property taxes.  He got enough info so hopefully he won’t be back.  He even wanted to know how long we had been married.  The guy was polite even when I was giving him a very hard time. 

Well enough of my ranting.  I’m going to go work on a baby afghan.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Perfect Summer Day

My inspiration for this card comes a card on Add Ink and Stamp blog.  100_2636 My stamps are all from Art Impressions except for the two small flowers by the cat and they are from Stampin’ UP.  I colored the image with markers.  The photo corner is from CTMH and the red buttons are from my stash.  Cardstock is Outdoor Denim, red is from a JoAnn’s Christmas pack.  The white is cardstock from Wal-Mart.

The last two days here have been perfect summer days.  Lots of sun, no humidity.  Have been working on getting the weeds out of my flowers.  I can’t do too much at a time as it makes my thumb and hand ache.  Today I fertilized my hanging plants and turned the ones that are under the eaves so each side gets a week of sun.  House was clean and there was no laundry to do. 

We watched golf today.  Steve Stricker finished the round with 25 under.  That was fantastic.  He just kept making birdie after birdie. 

Kathi, today I got a letter from the Census Bureau telling me that their field rep would be contacting me again.  Article 1 section 2 clause 3 of the US Constitution says I am only required to tell how many people live here and I have done that.  There is a bill in Congress H.R. 3131 to make it voluntary to answer the questions.  Well enough of my ranting.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I’m Stuck for a Title

Saw this card on a blog but I don’t remember who did it.  The small sea shell stamps do not have a name on them100_2635 and of course I didn’t keep the container they came in.  I have had them for years.  I stamped them  and the turtle in Pepperwood (retired from CTMH) and then I chalked them.  The turtle is from Cornish Heritage Farms and comes the way you see it.  The netting on the card is kind of sparkly but you can’t see it.  I got it a long time ago from Paper Wishes and it came with a whole bunch of gold stuff.  I layered torn Blue Denim, then a piece of craft cork and then white cardstock.  For the turtle’s eye I used a Bitty Sparkle from CTMH.  I tried a Bitty Black brad but that didn’t do anything.  

It is hot and humid here but that is okay.  Our house is air conditioned and when I get tired of it I go outside and enjoy the hummingbirds and flowers.  Not much going on here.  Trying to work out a trip to see some cousins in Traverse City. 

We were the lucky recipients of  The American Community Survey which is a fancy name for the long form from the Census Bureau.  We did the regular form in April.  This one is pretty intrusive and I don’t want to answer the questions.  For example how much money do you get from Social Security?  How much are your utilities?  They keep calling and I keep telling them I am not going to answer their questions.   One time when a worker called she said I didn’t have to answer any questions I felt uncomfortable with so I answered some but they keep calling.  One worker told me that every month the Census Bureau sends out 225,000 of these surveys. 

Monday, July 5, 2010

Mackinac Bridge

Mackinac bridgeThis is a pretty good depiction of the bridge looking from south to north.  The stamp is by Sunnyside stamps.  Striped paper is Kaiser Scrapbooking paper.  Ric Rack is from CTMH  and the brads are from CTMH White Daisy Collection.  The seagulls are a clear stamp from Fun in the Sun Collection.  The scene is colored with Marvy Markers. 

The months of April and May were very dry.  Temperature was decent.  June was cool and rainy most of the time.  July started out very hot and dry now it is in the 70’s and raining. 

Today I did a lot of stamping.  When I make a card unless I have a specific person in mind to give it to I leave it blank.  Today I did all my birthday cards and anniversary cards for the month.  And as I stamped each one I put away my stamp pads etc.  So I have a fairly clean desk.  Saturday when a friend and I took a card class we found out about a scrapbooking/stamping store that has classes in Alpena (2 and half hours south across the bridge) taught by a gal that we like.  I came home and did a Google search for the store called them and got put on their mailing list.  Jim is hoping to golf tomorrow if it isn’t raining.  I have some ideas for things to do just depends on the weather and golfing isn’t one of them. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Love The Splendor Paper

Got the idea for this card from Yvonne’s blog-Stamp Your Art Out.100_2629  I do not however have the Spring Stamp set that she used.  This is a clear stamp set that I got at Ben Franklin.  I used Dutch Blue because I don’t have  the Moonstruck stamp pad.  The sailboat is cut out and attached with a square of foam tape. 

The months of April and May were extremely dry and now in June it seems like it rains every other day.  One thing tho it is a warm rain.  I do see blue sky appearing here and there.  Jim has a big golf tournament tomorrow and I have lots of things that I want to do in the yard.  Went to the dentist today, I had broken off part of a tooth.  The filling was still intact so now I am sporting a temporary crown until one comes from the lab.  I can always think of lots of things to write about when I am not sitting in front of the computer.  LOL.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Half and Half

100_2627The lightning was not good at all for this photo.  But I haven’t posted in so long wanted to give it a try.  I just love the Splendor paper from CTMH.  Stamps are from Stampin’ Up hence the title of my blog. 

I got the idea for this card from Yvonne at Stamp Your  Art Out blog. 

We had an early spring but summer sure is slow in coming.  At the beginning of June we were in a severe drought but in the last few days we have had an abundance of rain.  Today it was just cloudy and damp.  And I was grumpy.  I want sunshine. 

I had plans of stamping all day but that just didn’t work out.  Maybe tomorrow afternoon after we get back from a graduation open house. 

Friday, May 21, 2010

We Are Home


Except for the frog all the other stamps are from Hero Arts. The frog stamp is Inkadinkado.  I colored the grass and flowers with markers.  Ink pad colors are New England Ivy and Sunflower.  The center of the flower is orange stickles.  Background paper is from Fiskars.  The writing says I Love My Family.  

After 12 days and slightly over 3,300 miles we are home.  Since arriving home at 3:10 all the clothes are put away or in the process of washing and drying .   The mail has been gone through and I even had time to make a card. 

We had a good time in Colorado.  Graduation was nice and Leola’s baby shower was fun.  I even won a door prize (a metal flower in a pot). 

Tomorrow I will be gone all day.  Making cards with some friends and in the late afternoon going to a Mother Daughter Tea at a neighboring church. 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

On The Banks of Plum Creek

We stopped in Walnut Grove, MN this afternoon. The only thing left from Laura's time is the depression in the side of a hill where the dugout was. And that is basically what the sign says. And since I am a distant cousin of Laura's it is very fascinating. There is a museum in Walnut Grove with all kinds of Ingalls artifacts. We will be home on Friday.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Road Trip Day #3

We are in Colby Kansas, which is in the northeast corner of the state. Tomorrow we will get to our destination.

This picture of the arch over I-80 in Kearney Nebraska was taken out the window with my digital camera. I wanted to check out the chip. I can't believe how sharp the pic is.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Trial and Error


I have wanted to do something with this stamp for awhile.  I colored it with chalk pencils.  Then it smeared.  The hints that came with the chalks say to take a piece of tissue paper and rub quite firmly with the back of a spoon.  I did, but I didn’t get all the excess chalk and it looked dirty.  My next step was to take gold Pearl X and go over the image.  That helped some but I still wasn’t satisfied, so I took a 2 way glue pen from Stampin’ Up and highlighted a few areas and then put  on Stampin’ Up Diamond Dust.  I walked away and decided to come back to it later.  I finished it up this evening.  Cardstock is white, Pansy Purple, Sunflower and Sweet Leaf.  Except for the white all is textured.  Dew Drops are in each corner.

It was a beautiful sunny day today but with a very cold wind.  I’m glad I have no plans to go anywhere tomorrow as the weather is going to be downright nasty with rain and that “S” word in the forecast.  Anyway I have plenty to keep me busy trying to get ready to leave on Sunday.  I still have to make a graduation card with a cosmetology theme and a baby card.  JoAnn’s didn’t have any embellishments for cosmetology so guess I will go on line and see what  I can find.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day

I wanted to make Leola a Mother’s Day card but didn’t have any pregnant lady stamps so got this image all colored from Microsoft Clipart on line.  100_2623The sentiment is also computer generated.  CS is Colonial White and Smokey Plum.  Background paper is K & Company Girl Plaid.

It was a pretty good day here.  Partly sunny.  Jim and I got our walk in and somehow Jim came home with a tick. 

Thanks, Kathi for the nice comment on my last card.  Making those kinds of cards isn’t really my strong suit but I like making them.  I have some other stamps in that set that are pretty neat with a garden theme. 

Friday, April 30, 2010

Sleeping Beauty


The bench and cat are one stamp from Art Impressions unmounted stamps.  There were several other stamps in the set.  The vines and flowers are small wooden Art Impressions stamps.  I used Twinkling H2o’s to color the image.  Flowers are stamped in CTMH’s Hollyhock.  I used watercolor paper.  It is mounted on CTMH Textured Dutch Blue.  The Cuttlebug Happy Birthday is the reverse side of the blue.

Today it was supposed to rain all day but not one drop fell.  I worked cleaning my area.  Still have some fine tuning to do.   I need to go and get some groceries, there is mighty slim pickings in this house.  Tomorrow I plan to spend it working on laundry and getting  some things ready that Leola wants us to bring out.  I hope it is somewhat nice tomorrow so I can work outside even for half an hour.  Sam has his second interview at Wal Mart  this week.  He has one algebra class that  he is taking this summer.  One of these years he will get through college. 

The trees here are really starting to leaf out.  Daffodils are all blooming, tulips are all coming up and some have buds.  And the black flies are out in force.  Gotta go get those groceries. 

Kathi, if  you ever get over this way, would love to have a cup of coffee with you.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mighty Mac


This is the Mackinac Bridge as seen from the north end.  Every time we want to go south we have to cross this bridge.  It is 30 miles from our house.  Most of our doctors are south.  People that live north of the bridge are called Yoopers and those living below the bridge are called Trolls.  At one time the Mackinac Bridge was he longest suspension bridge in the country. 

I did not sleep well last night.  Hope it was the full moon.  Sam said he didn’t sleep well either.  I wanted to get down to my cards this afternoon but didn’t make it.  Only have  a week and a half before we leave for Colorado so I have to get with it. 

Jim left at 2 this afternoon to take our car to get the tires balanced.  Four hours later and $450 poorer he came home.  We needed new tires and the dealer didn’t have any in stock so had to go find some.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             100_0350

Saturday, April 17, 2010



When I saw this card in the Summer Close to My Heart Catalog I couldn’t wait to make it.  I will have to wait to May before I can order the paper pack and stamp set but I think I did pretty good.  The bird stamp is from Stampin’Up, the script stamp is Hero Arts and the flourish in the corner is CTMH’s Love Flourishes.  Metal frame is from CTMH.  CS is Bamboo, Chocolate, Colonial White and Garden Green.  The bird is stamped in Brilliance Coffee Bean and colored in a little with Prisma Color pencils.  The rest is stamped with CTMH Pepperwood (retired).  I put 2 lengths CTMH’s of Chocolate ribbon together and topped it with twill from CTMH.   The card is 4 1/2 inches square.

Thursday is was 75 degrees and yesterday and today in the 40’s with a cold wind.  This morning we had snow but it didn’t stick to the ground.   Thank goodness. 

Found out last week that the baby my granddaughter is carrying will be a girl.  At this moment her name is going to be Kambrie Rose.  She is due Sept 5.  We are going out to Colorado in May for her graduation from Cosmetology school and to attend a baby shower. 

The other day when I was in town I was very tempted to get some bark nuggets ( I use them for mulch in one of my flower beds) but I knew it was going to be cold and I didn’t want them sitting around.  I’m not sure what the forecast is for this coming week. 

Monday, April 12, 2010

A Round Peg Does Fit In A Square


The paper is from the You Rock paper collection.  CS is white, Indian Corn Blue, Outdoor Denim and Goldrush.  Orange sparkles are Hero Arts.  Flower brad in the middle is from my stash.  Stamp set is CTMH Playful Petals. 

Wow, it is the middle of the afternoon and I am posting.  That is because we are going to Petoskey for a Fit for Golf class for Jim. 

Last Friday our CTMH consultant gave us our Summer catalogs.  Boy do I ever like it.  So many neat card ideas and just what I need—a couple more paper packs that I just have to have.  There are also some neat stamp sets. 

I guess the biggest news around here is that we are going to have a great granddaughter.  Leola and PJ found out last Thursday that the baby is a girl.  They sent and ultrasound pic of her face and she is beautiful.  We are going out to Colorado next month when she graduates from cosmetology school and to attend a baby shower her friends are giving her.  The shower is early but Leola wanted to have when family could come. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Have No Idea for a Title. LOL.


I saw a card made with the Animal Crackers Creative Basic Papers.  And it was bright and cheery.  Mine seems a little dull.  Might have to charge the camera battery. 


The last couple of days have been quite stressful.  Monday I don’t remember why I was stressed so it couldn’t  have been too bad.  Yesterday Jim was filling out a form to get our rebate for our new fridge.  He was having all kinds of problems with his printer –kept wanting to go to the fax(which we don’t use).  Finally I told him to go get the mail and I would install MS Word 2002.  He was using Word Perfect and in my opinion it is terrible.  Installing Word didn’t help.  Went to the fax program and shut off everything, still didn’t help.  I was ready to pull out my hair.  I thought I’d give Control Panel a try and Jim said click on Printers and Fax and when I did I saw the problem immediately.   The fax printer was checked. All I had to do was uncheck it and check the correct printer.  Today was some better.  I got my are cleaned and made a couple of cards.  Dinner was leftovers so that was easy. 

Tomorrow we are supposed to get 3-5 inches of wet heavy snow.  And maybe that is why I am somewhat stressed.  When I worked at school the kids were always hyper a few days before a storm.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Surfin’ Grannie

T100_2608he paper for this card came from DCWV Summer Scrapbook in a kit.  Stamp is a $1.99 stamp from Ben Franklin.   Flip flops are from JoAnn’s.  Inside the card is the saying You are only a kid once, but you can be young for a lifetime.  Happy Birthday.  The sentiment comes with the surfing grannie.

I made this card in about 15 minutes from thought to finish.  I went down to my little corner and tried to color an image I had stamped the other day but it didn’t turn out.  So I was looking through my stuff and came across this paper and had an eureka moment when I knew the stamp I had to go with it.  LOL. 

Thursday we went to the dermatologist.  I got zapped a couple of times and Jim got off scott free.  Then we went looking for a new fridge.  Home Depot didn’t have what I wanted and at Lowe’s I probably could have ordered it and it would take a month to get here.  The next day we went into our local town (Sault Ste Marie).  Our first stop we saw one but we weren’t sure that it would fit so were going to go home and measure again.  At our next stop we found one that we knew would fit and it is being delivered Tuesday.  The fridge has to go between the counter and a wall so size is very critical. 

There was a tad bit of rain overnight and today was partly cloudy, by the weekend we could have temps 60-70. 

Time to go watch UnderCover Boss. 

Sunday, March 21, 2010


100_2605 (2)

When I saw this card on Kathi’s blog  I fell in love with it.  I used paper from the Silhouette pack since I didn’t have black and white polka dot paper.   There is natural hemp from CTMH in the buttons because they had four holes and I thought it looked funny.  Ribbon is from Joann’s.  Flowers are colored with a cranberry marker from CTMH.  Stems and leaves are colored with clover meadow.

It is a beautiful sunny day here.  Hubby and I just got back from a walk.  Not much going on around here.  I guess we lead dull lives.  No, we don’t lead dull lives, just everyday ordinary ones for which I am very thankful.