Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Last Days of Summer


When I moved my craft room upstairs I threw out a box of scrap papers that I hadn’t used in over a year and put half finished cards in it.  My vow is to use up all the half finished products before making a new card.  The fish stamps are from Northwoods Rubber Stamp, the canoeist is The Stamp Pad Co.  The large scene stamp is a set of clear stamps with several stamps and I don’t remember the name.  The sign is a brad from Outlet Brads and says Gone Fishing.  I took the brad part off and used foam tape to adhere it to the card.  I had the three fish on the card so had to come up with a scene to go with it.  100_2668

The last couple of days have been very hot.  Yesterday we tied a record set in 1973 of 88 degrees.  Today it wasn’t quite that warm but it was more humid.  Tomorrow it is supposed to be in the 70’s with thunderstorms.  Our county fair is going on this week so we could use some nice weather.

Everytime the phone rings I think it is going to be PJ telling me that Kambrie has been born.  Last Monday when Leola went to the dr she was told she’d probably be born within the week.  Kambrie just wants to be  born in Sept.  Leola and I are holding out for Sept 5 (our 51st wedding anniversary).  Just had an e-mail from Leola and she was feeling just fine. 

I’m really liking my new crafting room and some things I like just where they are and some things I am still tweaking.  I need to go clean up my desk.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Made It Myself

I saw this card in Stamp It Cards 2008.  The colors are CloverMeadow, Autumn TerraCotta and Chocolate.  Stamp set is Treasures.  Ribbon is Autumn TerraCotta Ribbon Rounds.  And then Dew Drops.  Now for the part I made myself.  The card had a scalloped chipboard.  I had a round chipboard but not scalloped.  At first I tried using a scallop punch but the circle punch I had was too big and didn’t get enough lip.  Then I thought of my Nestabilites and that worked great.  I was able to line up the plain circle and scallop one at the same time. 

Last week we had on the air today we  had on the heat for awhile.  It has been cold and windy but good days to get things done in the house. 

We made out fine at the dermatologist and dentist but the orthopedic surgeon was a different story.  I thought I had a stress fracture but he said I had a Morton’s Neuroma, which is a nerve at the base of my third toe and it gets enlarged.  Very painful.  Got a cortisone shot.  Then he suggested I get some Birkenstock shoes. Only had a few here in town and I really didn’t like the style.  Friday we are going to visit my cousins near Traverse City and there are three shoe stores on the way so maybe I’ll find something if not I’ll order it off the internet.  Then I told him I occasionally had pain in the palm of my hand.  Well I have the beginnings of carpal tunnel.  Oh Joy!

Am still working and rearranging things in my new craft room.  The entertainment center is still there and today I removed Jim’s video’s from two shelves.  I cleaned out a storage cupboard for him down in his man cave. 

Almost bedtime.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Sam

Got my inspiration for this card from an old copy of CardMakers.  CS colors are Brown Bag, Chocolate and Colonial White.  Ink colors are Pepperwood and New England Ivy.  I am going to be sorry when my Pepperwood ink pad dries up as I use it all the time.  I ordered the moose stamp from an on line company that sold inspirational sayings and there is no name on the stamp.  The trees are from CTMH.  It is one tree that I stamped over and over.  The nature rock is an embellishment I got from our local craft store in a goody bag. 

Sunday will be Sam’s 24th birthday.  We have plans to go out for dinner but don’t know when yet.  Samantha has to work on Sunday.  Sam does too but he gets off at 1.  Ever since he  has been 3 years old he has gotten a Lego Set and a quarter for every year old he is.  The other day I asked him if he was too old for the usual and he replied “Grandma it wouldn’t my birthday if I didn’t get Lego’s.  So this Grandma will buy a set of Lego's.  He has all the Lego’s his Dad had when he was a kid.   He was out yesterday and saw that I had taken down the wildlife poster on the door to his room.  I told him it was my room now and he said “That poster brings back a lot of happy memories”.  I asked him if he wanted it and he said “No”.  I could tell that he didn’t want it thrown in the trash so I told him I would put it in his keepsake box in the basement. And he was pleased with that.   I have two big Rubbermaid containers that I put stuff in for Sam and Leola.  I said to him that the label maker sign that says Sam’s and Granpa’s Room will stay on the door. 

Today we went to the dermatologist.  Jim got zapped a couple of times and I got zapped once.  I wore athletic shoes and I thought the toe box had enough room and I could wiggle my toes.  But when I got there my foot was swollen.  It could be because I didn’t ice it all yesterday.  We got home at 5 and I already  have iced it 3 times.  I read on the internet if you have a stress fracture that you need to ice it every hour for 20 minutes a time.  And I now have on a good pair of sandals. 

Picked up the new CTMH catalog today from our consultant.  Boy do I ever like the new summer colors and the fall paper pack.  I think the name is Olivia. 

I didn’t intend to write a novel but now you know all about me.  LOL

It is time to take the ice off my foot and get something done. 

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Penny Black Sticker Card



I know my title is pretty lame but I couldn’t think of any other.  It is on CTMH Sorbet.  I used Lime Green Stickles on the veins and stems and yellow stickle on the center of the big flower.  The ribbon is from my stash most likely from JoAnn’s or Wal-Mart.  The happy birthday is a gold sticker that comes in a 5x9 sheet with other words like Happy Anniversary, Congratulations, Good Luck etc.  Have no idea who made it as there isn’t any name and I bought it several years ago. 

Sam and Sam got all moved into their apt. and are enjoying it.  I am enjoying my new crafting room upstairs.  Except for the dark green walls and out door wallpaper border you would never know this room had been a young man’s room for the last 6 years.  I had thought about painting but that would have delayed my moving into the room.  I did do some touch up painting today. I look a window into our backyard.  I have everything how I want it but as I use things might do some changing.  Jim is enjoying his new tv watching area in the basement.  He calls it his” man cave”. 

Next week is jammed with appointments everyday but Monday.  And two of the entail a trip across the Mackinac Bridge.  Tuesday we go to the dermatologist.  Our appt was for the end of September but they last week and asked if we could come Tuesday as the doctor will not be available in Sept.  Wednesday we go to the dentist for teeth cleaning.  Thursday is a  sentencing hearing for one of the guys that stole a bunch of copper pipe from a vacant building across the road.  It has been postponed twice.  And on Friday I go to visit my orthopaedic surgeon and his office is 2 1/2 hours south of here.  In Feb I hurt my foot snowshoeing and went to my regular dr.  He didn’t see any thing and neither did the radiologist and it got better.  In April my foot was bothering me so I went back to my regular dr and he said I had an inflamed  tendon and with rest and ice that got better.  Then we went to a pro ball game with my cousins and I didn’t see a step and wrenched the same foot.  I iced it and rested and a week or so ago I started walking around the driveway.  After several days when nothing hurt I decided to walk a mile and did that for two days and on the third day I could hardly walk.  So now I am going to see the expert.  I looked up my symptoms on the internet and according the information I found there I have a stress fracture.  So we will see.  I am not losing any sleep over it.  LOL

Kathi, you were right on the two girl Sam’s are Samantha but they go by Sam.