Monday, August 25, 2008

I Thought Today Would Be A Stamping Day

Thought maybe I could get a few cards stamped but my day didn't turn out that way. Jim and I walked almost 4 miles this morning. We are going to be in a charity walk on Saturday. The entire walk is 75 miles but we are doing 4.4 miles, from our town to the next. When we got home I found out that corn was ready from our local farmer. A friend of mine lives about a block from the farmer and her Mother from Texas is up so thought I would stop to see her. When I mentioned to Jim that I would stop and see Juli and her mother he replied "I'll come with you and maybe we can play cards." By the time we finished it was supper time and we got invited for supper. We got home at 7:45 and just finished getting the corn done. Jim gets the job of getting the kernals off the cob and I boil and bag. Now I am pooped so think I will go to bed and read for awhile.

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