Sunday, October 24, 2010

We Are Home

After driving 3,385  miles we are home.  Yesterday (Saturday) we drove 340 miles from Oshkosh to here in the rain.  Sometimes it rained hard and sometimes it seemed like it was letting up.  Today we have more of the same. 

Kambrie was a delight.  We got to babysit twice.  Once Leola and PJ went to community band practice (Leola plays french horn and PJ the drums) and once when they went grocery shopping.  Kambrie is a good baby.  In the first pic she just had her diaper changed and is stretching.  He little onesie says Grandma’s little pumpkin and I got some fabric paint and wrote Great above it. Second pic she is all dressed for her dedication at church.  Third pic needs no explanation.  This is what I love to do.  I am pooped think I will go take a nap.  There will be more pics later.



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Kathi C. said...

This photographs bring tears to my eyes. They are beautiful. How lucky you are. How lucky little Kambrie is to have you. Such a blessing!