Wednesday, November 10, 2010



Paper used for this card was from Passages.  Stamps were Inkadinkado.  All the emellishments are from CTMH.  I just love the new Mocha Pearls.   Turkey and saying were stamped in Pepperwood (retired).  I am going to be sad when my ink pad finally gives up the ghost. 

Today was another nice day.  It was a little more cloudy but still nice enough to go out and do some yard work.  I think I have finished cutting back my perennials.  We modified  my bird feeder outside my craft room window as it was too low.  We got a taller pole and Jim put a squirrel baffle on it.  The squirrels are fun to watch also I just don’t want them eating my bird seed out of the feeder. 

Talked to Leola today and got a Christmas wish list from her.  Kambrie is progressing well in every way.  She will  sit in the corner of the davenport and watch what is going on around her.  When PJ plays his drums Leola says her little legs go a mile an hour keeping time. 

Kathi, how is Miranda doing?  When is her due date?

Time to do a few things before supper.

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Kathi C. said...

I love your card, Sylvia! That is a great turkey stamp. I was a fan of Pepperwood, too. It was a nice reddish brown that went so nicely with the other fall colors.

Our nice weather finally left us. It's raining. I would almost prefer snow to the cold, damp rain. I hope your weather holds out for a few more days.

Aren't babies amazing? Love that Kambrie is already keeping time to the beat of the drum. Our little one is due on December 30. Mommy (and Daddy) are doing great. It won't be long ....