Monday, January 3, 2011

I Can Almost Smell the Ocean


This card front was in my stash and I have no idea who the stamp manufacturer is since I most likely stamped it at a friends house.  It is layered on Pansy Purple textured cardstock.  I had trouble photographing this card.  Can’t seem to get rid of the shadows.

Talked to Leola yesterday and we decided I would make a 12 x12 shadow box frame with the idea from the cover of the spring CTMH catalog.  Kambrie is 3 and a half months old and already copying everything her parents do.  She pets the dog and the other day Leola was having a glass of water and she could tell Kambrie wanted it.  Leola put the glass so Kambrie could reach it and she put her two hands around the glass and stuck her face in it.  Told Leola she has to put some more videos on their blog. 

It is more like winter here, now we need some snow so I can go snowshoeing. 

Kathi, I chuckled when you said you couldn’t get rid of the little embossing specks.  I don’t have much trouble at home but when I go to classes I have the worst time and I follow the same procedure as at home. 

My word is goal.  One of my goals is to use up my crafting products before buying more. 

I am getting my craft room more and more fine tuned.  And rearranging where I store some of my stuff. 

It is time for supper.

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Kathi C. said...

This is a beautiful card. The colors are so pretty, and the seagulls flying here and there are so fun.

Babies are so amazing and grow and learn so fast. The shadow box frame will be perfect. I think I already have one in my stash of stuff.

Purpose and goal are pretty close. I think we're on the same page in 2011!