Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oh My Goodness

So much has happened since I last posted. Last Saturday my left hamstring was really cramping so I took a muscle relaxant that night. The next day I was a zombie. By Monday I was back to my old self. I picked up the house and did some outside chores. In the evening I went to make some cards and nothing would come to mind. I tried to add up my CTMH order for May and couldn't even get that right. Went upstairs and watched Wheel and Jeopardy. DH and Sam went with a bunch of guys from church to cut up and split wood for a young fella that crushed his hand in the splitter on Saturday. I called a friend and we were having a good time chatting when Sam called on my cell phone that Grandpa had cut his finger and was in the ambulance along with Kyle (fella that got his hand crushed) who needed to go back to the hospital. My friend I was talking with drove me to the hospital. Dear DH had sliced the end of his left thumb off. After they got it all cleaned up they started talking surgery. I said if you are doing surgery we are going to Petoskey. We don't have much confidence in the orthopedic doctors in the Soo. They said okay. We headed down there today the surgeon looked at it and will do surgery tomorrow at 4:45pm. Don't know if he will stay overnight or not at this point. The surgeons in Petoskey are the ones that did my knee replacements last year.

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