Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This card makes me laugh.  I wanted to do a card with the bat and hat to tell you a story but didn’t want a traditional Halloween card.  Stamp images are from Inkadinka Doo. I put Diamond Stickles on the hat and bat and Orange Stickles on the pumpkin.  Pieces are mounted on Autumn Terracotta Textured paper.  Card base is New England Ivy Textured paper.  The print paper is BoBunny Mango Luau Dude.  100_2675 The ribbon brad is purple with green brad.  Checked ribbon is a scrap that I had.  Felt flower is from Prima.  And I used a Bitty Sparkle from CTMH.  Stripped paper in the corner is the opposite side of the flower paper and I put a purple button on it.  And I use my piercer   around the edges of the flowers.  I also used an orange brad and black and orange sparkles.

Now for the stories.  When Sam about  6 or 7 he asked me if I was going to dress up for Halloween and replied no.  He said he wanted me to dress up like a witch.  I thought that was rather odd and asked him why.  And he told me he like the pointy hats.  So I dressed up. 

This summer about day break Jim got up to use the bathroom and I saw a shadow of something flying.  When he came back to bed I said “There is something flying around in here”.  He turned on the light and checked all four corners but saw nothing.  I pulled the covers over my head and went back to sleep.  That evening as I was shutting the living room drapes guess what came flying out.  You got it a bat.  Sam got one of our fishing nets from our ponds and captured it and spent a while looking it. 

Talked to Leola and she and Kambrie are doing fine.  Said the baby is a natural at nursing. 

Jim gets an A+ for today.  He went golfing in the morning and then was going to town to do some errands and asked if I needed anything.  I needed one skein of floss from JoAnn’s.  Gave him the number and told him the color and he came home with the right one. 

Time to go get some dinner.

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Kathi C. said...

I love your card and your stories even more. I have a bat story of my own. Oooh, they give me the creeps even though my rational mind knows they are harmless.

Great that little Kambrie is a natural at breast-feeding. That makes it so much nicer for Mommy.

Good for Jim! I am noticing Marv is getting better about stuff like that as he gets older - less on his mind maybe.