Monday, September 20, 2010

Ready To Take On The World

This is Kambrie at four days old.  In this photo I can see Leola.  She is being held by PJ’s father.  They live in New Mexico only four hours away and we are four days away. 

Today I am counting my blessings even more.  Talked to Leola and she told me that PJ had picked up his grandparents and brought them to the hospital to see the baby.  On his way to take them back home  their car was rear ended and totaled.  But praise God that no one was hurt.

I am working on a couple of cards but don’t have the finished cause it was too nice out today and I spent some time getting the yard ready for winter.  And then I just sat in our backyard swing and watched the birds.

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Kathi C. said...

She is so perfect and SO beautiful. Her big, bright eyes are amazing.

I am so glad no one was hurt in the accident. Those things happen so fast.

Finally, I am happy to hear you have had some nice weather. We are waiting... How nice to be able to enjoy time in the swing watching the birds. I have never quite gotten over how lovely it all is - we just need to take the time to look!