Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Fever

Some friends and I got together and did some stamping.  One of my friends had this bird stamp.  I have no idea who it is by.  100_2601I looked but didn't write it down.  It is a wooden stamp.  The white crocheted flower is from CTMH’s White Daisy collection.  The heart button is from my stash.  Background paper is from the Silhouette collection. 

I have spring fever.  It has been 60 and sunny all week.  The snow is gone!  Today I raked one of my front flower beds after going to the dr and getting my neck and back cracked.  What a relief.  Jim brought two of our front porch chairs up and I sat outside.  However all good things must come to and end.  They are forecasting a big storm for this weekend.  Don’t know yet if it will be snow or rain.  Some of my crocuses are up and blooming.  Have one daffodil with buds on.  It is next to the house so should be okay if we get snow.  I have even written in my gardening journal that I started yard work March 17!


Kathi how are you coming along with your new computer.  I still have a couple of glitches with mine.  Mostly software I think.  One is a printing problem.  When I tell it to print more than 5 copies it just keeps printing.  I didn’t get a new printer as mine is still working good and I am used to it.  Then there is a mail merge problem in MSWord.  It will only print the first three names. 

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Kathi C. said...

Beautiful card, Sylvia! I love that bird stamp. You did it justice.

My computer and I are getting along better every day. It's mostly been little things - a new keyboard to get used to, etc. There has been some compatibility issues with software, etc. and I was very relieved that there was an available driver for my scanner, which isn't that old and has been barely used. I'll get there. It's just taking longer than it would were I 30 years younger. LOL.

While our temperatures have been in the 40s, it has been beautiful here, too. It's supposed to cool down for a few days, which will be OK as it will help with flooding.

Take care, friend!