Sunday, March 28, 2010

Surfin’ Grannie

T100_2608he paper for this card came from DCWV Summer Scrapbook in a kit.  Stamp is a $1.99 stamp from Ben Franklin.   Flip flops are from JoAnn’s.  Inside the card is the saying You are only a kid once, but you can be young for a lifetime.  Happy Birthday.  The sentiment comes with the surfing grannie.

I made this card in about 15 minutes from thought to finish.  I went down to my little corner and tried to color an image I had stamped the other day but it didn’t turn out.  So I was looking through my stuff and came across this paper and had an eureka moment when I knew the stamp I had to go with it.  LOL. 

Thursday we went to the dermatologist.  I got zapped a couple of times and Jim got off scott free.  Then we went looking for a new fridge.  Home Depot didn’t have what I wanted and at Lowe’s I probably could have ordered it and it would take a month to get here.  The next day we went into our local town (Sault Ste Marie).  Our first stop we saw one but we weren’t sure that it would fit so were going to go home and measure again.  At our next stop we found one that we knew would fit and it is being delivered Tuesday.  The fridge has to go between the counter and a wall so size is very critical. 

There was a tad bit of rain overnight and today was partly cloudy, by the weekend we could have temps 60-70. 

Time to go watch UnderCover Boss. 

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Kathi C. said...

"Thought to finish" - I love that!

Your card is so cute. Surfing Grannie is great with an oh-so-true sentiment.

Glad to hear you found a fridge. That's one thing I can buy in our retail-challenged town! LOL.

We're supposed to have temperatures in the 60s this week. It's supposed to be windy, too, although it won't matter if it's that warm. Yippee! It appears spring has sprung.