Saturday, January 24, 2009

Simple and Elegant

That is what my grandson called this card.copycat It was quite an easy card to make.  The paper is Little Yellow Bicycle and is double sided which is the green tag that I cut with My Cricut's Basic Shapes.  The flower was in my stash-most likely from Wal-Mart.  I used Clover Meadow to stamp the sentiment which I think is from CTMH.  I got the idea for this card from Melanie on Hands, Head and Heart.


It was cold and crispy here today.  I tried to use the Swiffer on my kitchen floor after Jim put the pad on but my left hand wouldn't cooperate, so guess who did it.  Then he did both bathroom floors.  I am tired because I didn't sleep good last night.  Had a bottle of Pepsi with caffeine but it sure tasted good.  And Sam was out late with his friends.  While I don't wait up for him, I have a hard time getting back to sleep when he does get home.  In his counseling class (he's a psych major) the prof   asked for a volunteer at the beginning of class. Sam raised his hand.  Sam was to be the counselor and the prof the patient.   Sam did everything right and got extra credit to boot.  It is time to get some dinner.

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Kathi Carlson said...

Another lovely card! I know what it's like to have my sleep interrupted by young ones. Hope you "catch up" tonight!