Thursday, June 25, 2009

Little Brown Church in the Vale


Today we stopped at the Little Brown Church in the Vale in Nashua WI. It is still an active church. Tomorrow we will be home. Yea! Last night we asked for a suite and all we got was a room with a sofa sleeper. Tonight we have a lovely suite at Best Western in Sparta WI. Nice king size bed some space between the bed and sofa, jacuzzi (which I am going to take advantage of when I am done here). It even has a TV in the bathroom!

Kathi, you were right the tea set was a hit. Leola wouldn't even let PJ touch it.

Paul, did you find your camera yet?


Kathi Carlson said...

For fun! I'd love to see that church! Oh, and I'd do to sit in a jacuzzi right now! I'm sure home will feel good, too. Finally, I'm glad to hear I was right about the tea set. Leola sounds (and looks) like a sweet, caring young woman. Her appreciation for the tea set and the memories that go with it proves it! Enjoy the end of your journey, friend.

Romero Family said...

No camera yet. We need to just ask others who have pics to send us some. Thanks for posting some on the blog, that helps. I got some pics from PJ and Leola and will email to you if you want. Glad you got back safe. If you come to NM, you have a place to stay.