Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What A Yucky Day!

cosmos 3 This photo of cosmos was taken a couple of years ago.  I have been just whipped since we got home from Colorado.  Yesterday I could hardly put one foot in front of the other.  Today is better.  But it was very frustrating.  I made a cd of the wedding pics we took for Leola and PJ and for his folks.  PJ's folks lost their camera.  I didn't have any trouble making the cd's but when I went to make a label  oh  brother!  I ran into all kinds of problems.  Probably due to the fact that I didn't have the right paper for the software.  Hope to remedy that situation tomorrow.  It has been cold and rainy the last two days.  Guess I will go make a list of all the things I would like to get tomorrow.  I have to go see my orthopedic doc in Alpena tomorrow and a friend and I are hoping to stop at some greenhouses to get flowers.

Thanks, Kathi, for your kind comments about Leola and PJ I have passed them on. 

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Kathi Carlson said...

Hey, I'd be whipped, too. Any major change from the usual routine is hard on us "seniors." You were on a big trip. Additionally, you'd probably be a little perkier were the sun to shine. Good luck at the doctor tomorrow. While I'm hopeless with plants and flowers, I LOVE the smell of greenhouses - flowers and wet dirt. Nothing better, and for you, it might just be what you need to bring you back to life!! Have fun.