Thursday, June 4, 2009

Penny Black and White


Just couldn't resist the play on words.  This card is pretty straightpenny Black forward.  The stamp is Penny Black's A Touch.  Brads are from Hobby Lobby. 

Today was a great day.  It was summer weather.  I weeded in one of my flower beds, Jim and I took a walk.  Chatted with my daughter in law.  Next Tuesday is our monthly card club and this is the card I am taking.  We each bring a card and enough stuff so the other gals can make the card.  We all go  home with several very nice cards.  

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Kathi Carlson said...

At card club, you're most definitely going to have a winner with this awesome card. I LOVE it! I'm glad to hear, too, that you had a nice day. We hit 70 degrees today (for only the second time this year) but it wasn't a nice day - overcast and windy! And now, the temperatures are supposed to drop back down into the 50s until next week some time. I've never seen anything like it ... Back to your card, it's gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing!