Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Journey

trainI loved this set when I saw it in the Stampin' Up catalog.  The cardstock is Autumn Terracotta , Ponderosa Pine and Colonial White.  Ink color is Brillance Pearlescent  Crimson. The striped paper is Pixie Sticks by HallowWhimsy.  I think that I trimmed the photo a little too much as some of the autumn terracotta got cut off at the top. 

Tuesday I laid on the couch all day sleeping and reading.  Wednesday I felt like a human again and went to PT.  Today I have been going like a house afire, cleaning and rearranging books and video tapes in our bedroom.  I am getting a stack of books ready for the community library.  Sam's girlfriend, Samantha, is coming out for the weekend and another male student.  Samantha comes every weekend but Josh doesn't so even though both have been here before decided that I would make the house a little clean.  It usually has that very lived in look.  Tomorrow is another PT day.  I have been only going once a week but now and for through Oct 3, I'll be going twice a week.  I think it is helping as my back wasn't sore when I got done with the cleaning. 

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