Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

I Think I made this card at the tail end of last fall.  The stamp is from Serendipity pumpkinStamps.  I used some brown scraps, vellum and a cream color.  I wrapped the gold wire around the paper piercer.  All the pieces are mounted on white cardstock.

We got wakened up at 7:10 am with a distress call from a divorced lady whose car wouldn't start and she needed to get to work.  Could Jim come and give her a jump?  He jumped it three times but the car wouldn't keep a charge so not only did he take her 2o miles to work but he went out of his way to pick up her daughter and take to college in the opposite direction he needed to go.  The day did get better.  We went for our three mile walk and got it in before it started to rain.  We got sprinkled on a tad.  The weatherman said we could get up to three inches tonight. It was cold and damp in the house so I turned the furnace on low to take the dampness out of the air.  I took a nap, have my checkbook balanced.  The statement came today and after the trouble I had last time because I let it go for three months I wasn't doing that again.  Besides we are  helping our grandkids with college expenses so had to know that the finances were up to date.  I read some of the required reading for the arthritis class and did my exercises for my therapy session.  I have six exercises to do, three of them I did when I had my knees replaced so they were easy.  The two pelvic exercises are little tricky and I don't quite have them down.  The last one is called the piriformis stretch and it helps keep the hips in line, and I don't have any trouble doing that one.   Think I'll go work on the church bulletin.

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